Ballin' on a Budget

Although I love me some top quality wine, my post grad budget just can't keep up with it these days. While grocery shopping I picked up this wine to give it a try! I purchased this from Trader Joe's. The Tiffany Blue label immediately caught my eye and the "Crew Pick" shelf talker made me more intrigued. Plus, it was only $3.99 so I didn't have much to lose anyways!

This wine is very refreshing and low in alcohol. On the nose it first smelled a bit funny but after sitting for a while the aroma opened up and displayed the scent of white flowers and stone fruit. On the palate I tasted flavors of lime and fresh green apples. This wine is has some great acidity to it but subtle enough to drink without any food. This is a very easy wine to enjoy and is a perfect "Porch Pounder" on those warm nights!